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The cause of desire can be defined as the needs or the urge for satisfying oneself from deficiency.

Especially, this can explain the human ability to reason and the motives for behaviour resulting from sexual desire. 

Classifying human desire into two groups, there are the desire from deficiency motivation with animal instincts and 

from growth motive of self-realisation. 

I would begin the story on the human desire of exploration, 

retracing my experiences of numerous desires from an objective point of view.

뭔가 결핍된 것으로부터의 해소를 위한 욕구 또는 바람을 욕망의 원인이라   있다.

특히 성적인 욕구에 의한 인간의 사고와 행동의 동기를 설명할  있다

인간의 욕망은 크게 동물적 본능에서 발현하는 결핍동기에 대한 욕망과

 자아실현을 위한 성장동기에 의해 나타나는 욕망이 있다.

내가 경험한  많은 욕망을 이성적인 시선으로 바라보며

인간의 탐구욕망에 대한 이야기를 풀어보고자 한다.

5D mark2, 24-70mm, Digital Inkjet Print, 2015 ~


Embroidery is the forest 

 wista45, zinar 90mm, tmax 400 4x5, Digital scan, ~ 2014


Analogue Series

5d mark2, 24-70mm, Digital Print ~ 2012


ELIAS ART. Elias Park.